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CP-2 Organic Bentonite (High-Efficient) Rheological Additive

CP-2 is a kind of self-dispersed organic bentonite high-efficient thixotropic gelatin which is applicable to low and medium-high polarity solvent system of the aliphatic, aromatics, or the mixture solvent with the aromatics and the ketone, ester, aether, alcohol, etc.
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Product Specifications:

Composition: organic amine derivative of montmorillonite

Appearance: fine white powder

Moisture(2hr. 105°C)%: ≤3.5

Granularity of dry powder (over 0.076mm)%: ≥95

Loss by burning (900°C)%: ≤41


Directly put the  dry powder into the low-polarity  solvent (eg.,200#  solvent oil) system by using the polarity activator to strengthen the high-shear dispersion. Following the steps shown below: Solvent or mixture/colophony     CP-2, agitated for 10 minutes

    95% ethanol or methanol, agitated at high speed for 10- 15 minutes.

    Auxiliary agent (dispersant and surface activator)

    Pigment, filler

    Lower-segment Mixing

The CP-2 dry powder can be directly used fed into the medium to high-polarity solvent system NO NEED for preparing the pre-gel or activator, providing the high-shear dispersion. Following the steps shown below:

    Colophony and solvent

    CP-2, agitated for 5- 10 minutes

    Auxiliary agent

    Pigment filler(agitating, grinding, sanding, etc.)

    Lower-segment Mixing

The dosage range of CP-2 is 0.2-2%, which can be defined according to test.


Printing ink, Industrial paint, Auto paint,, Lubricating grease, adhesive and wood coating, oil-field drilling.

Package & Storage:

Kraft paper bag interior with PE.

The weight : 25±0.25kg per bag.

The package and weight also can be customized.

Product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry place.

Storage life : two years.


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