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Top-Grade Organic Bentonite - Superior Suspension Stability

Since 1980, Zhejiang Qinghong New Material Co., Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing of organic bentonite. As an industry pioneer, we collaborate with Beijing Petroleum and Chemical Industry Research Institute to continuously lead industry innovation.

Main Products

Features and Advantages

 Rich Series: We offer three main series and over 20 varieties of organic bentonite products, meeting different industry and application needs.

 Superior Performance: Our products excel in thickening, anti-settlement, sag-resistance, dispersion, thixotropy, and suspension capabilities, providing customers with efficient and stable application experiences.

 Wide Applications: Whether in the coating, paint, drilling mud, or cosmetics industries, our products deliver outstanding results and are well-received in the market.

organoclay Organic Bentonite Bentonite Application

Owing to its large surface area together with hydrophobic chains emerging from the clay surface, organoclay can be used to remove oil from water. lt is also applied as a component in paint formulations or as a viscosifier for oil-based drilling fluids.
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Paint & Coating
Oil Drilling Mud
Lubricating Grease

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Zhejiang Qinghong New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of organic bentonite since 1980.




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